Bumiraya Consulting will always commit to promote the achievement of sustainable and good governance on natural resource management to support our life system

All About Us


Bumiraya Consulting was established in Yogyakarta as a development experts pool in 2009 by a group of environment and social activists in Java Learning Center / Javlec Indonesia Foundation. Due to its historical proximity and collaboration with the non-government organization, we hold the equal value with JAVLEC and it’s network. Promoting sustainability, good governance, encouraging community development, and uphold transparency and accountability are values that are always held by our consulting firm. 

Having experienced personnels in natural resources management and social-development sectors, Bumiraya Consulting is familiar with natural resources company operation, international donor projects, and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) implementation.

Our experts have various experiences in programmatic and management aspects of project operations of different international donors and agency, such as USAID, DFID – UK, GIZ, WB, UNDP, NORAD, The Ford Foundation, MCA – Indonesia / Millenium Challenge Corporation, and others.







What We Can Do?


Bumiraya Consulting was founded to provide consulting and facilitation services related to natural resource management and community development. 

Based on the work experience of Javlec Indonesia Foundation and it’s networks, we have extensive experience in organizing workshop and training events. We have some experienced facilitators who are experienced in facilitating multi-stakeholder processes, especially in the areas of natural resource management, community development, and regional development. We also have experts who have long experience as trainers in various fields related to natural resource management and community development, such as community extension and assistance, timber legality assurance system (SVLK), sustainable forest management, sustainable agriculture, natural resource conflict resolution, and non-profit organization management (program development, financial management, etc)

Bumiraya Consulting provides institutional development services, by implementing participatory and research-based methods. Organization’s assessment, the preparation of strategic plans, and institutional evaluations are some of the types of services that can be provided. This institutional strengthening service is one of the service models provided by Bumiraya since its inception, by conducting institutional assessment at Mitra Kutai and Wehea Management Board in East Kalimantan.

Project management assistance and evaluation are the most often provided services by Bumiraya Consulting. Over the past few years, we have provided many services such as program development and project implementation evaluation for government programs, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), and international donor projects. The development of community development design for Merbabu National Park and Wakatobi National Park are two examples of the government program planning we have facilitated. For CSR, we accompanied Javlec Foundation in developing projects design funded by corporates, such as Bank BNI and Aqua – Danone. Meanwhile, evaluation services are provided to KEHATI for the TFCA Sumatra and TFCA Kalimantan project, as well as The Asia Foundation for the SETAPAK Project.

Bumiraya’s involvement in the world of certification began in 2011, when the Indonesian government began mandating the adoption of timber legality certification (SVLK) on small and medium scale wood industry. Having several certified forest management certification experts, we provide service assistance to furniture and craft industries who are preparing to comply with SVLK requirements. Bumiraya’s ability in sustainability assurance system grows when some of our experts also had time to join the institutions that serve various companies to meet the rules of sustainability in the field of forestry and agriculture plantation, especially oil palm.

Having several experienced researchers in the fields of forestry, agriculture, social, political, economic and financial, Bumiraya Consulting has the capacity to undertake various social research and policy research related to forestry, sustainable agriculture, conservation, natural resource conflict resolution, community development, and the management of non-profit organizations. We also provided the service of action research on policy making process related above issues.



Bumiraya Consulting will always commit to promote the achievement of sustainable and good governance on natural resource management to support our life system



Initiated by group of activists, our experts consist of NGO activists, academicians, and donor institution worker. As a pool of resources, so far we have not contracted our resources as full time staffs. However, our experts are very committed and proven to provide high quality services for our clients. 

Prof. Dr.Ir. San Afri Awang, M.Sc.

Awang is a social forestry professor in Gadjah Mada University. He is also a founder of Java Learning Center (Yayasan Javlec Indonesia) in 2003, and had performed as a high level official in the Ministry of Environment and Forestry in 2009 – 2017. His latest position in the MoEF is the Director General of Forestry Planning and Environment Governance. After retired from his service as government official, he is now still appointed to support the Minister of Environment and Forestry as Senior Adviser.

Dr.Ir. Agus Setyarso, M.Sc.

Agus is known as the intellectual actor of Forest Management Unit in Indonesia. He is also one of high respected expert in forestry certification, since he involved significantly in the development of LEI’s sustainable forestry certification, as well as Indonesian Timber Legality Assurance System (SVLK). Agus is currently also a lecturer in INSTIPER, which is known as “ the first palm oil university” in Indonesia.

Dr. Ir. Hery Santoso, MP

Lead of Experts.
Hery Santoso is a founder of the firm. Having expertise in community development and natural resources conflict management, Hery is now our Executive Director. He is also a freelance consultant whom provides services to various international donor projects/agencies, such as UNDP, WB, WRI, GIZ Forclime, SICR-TAC (EU) USAID Lestari, USAID Bijak, KEMITRAAN, and KEHATI’s revamping ISPO Project. He facilitated various multi-stakeholder events in forestry development in Indonesia, such in Forest Management Unit, Social Forestry, Conservation, and other events.

Irfan Bakhtiar, S.Hut.,M.Si.

Thematic Expert Leader: Multi-stakeholder Processes and Capacity Building.
Irfan is also a founder of Bumiraya with Hery Santoso. Leaving ARUPA, an NGO in Yogyakarta on 2002, he has been working for various development projects and donors namely DFID – UK, NORAD, USAID, UNESCO, and MCA – Indonesia. His latest position is the Team Leader of Revamping ISPO (Indonesian Sustainable Palm Oil) Support Project in Yayasan KEHATI, which is funded by UKCCU (DFID). Irfan is a project management and multi-stakeholder process expert. He also has a wide knowledge in forestry and land use governance, conservation, community development, and regional development.

Dati Fatimah, SE., MA.

Thematic Expert Leader: Institutional Strengthening, Gender And Social Inclusion.
Having background in economic and finance, actually Dati is a gender expert and also a project evaluation expert. She had performed project evaluation services with Bumiraya Consulting in all of project evaluation services conducted by Bumiraya Consulting. Having long consultancy experiences with international donors such as UNDP, AUSAID, and others, Dati is one of outstanding gender specialist in natural resources sector in Indonesia.

Rohni Sanyoto

Thematic Expert Leader: Project Management and Evaluation.
Rohni is currently the Executive Director of Javlec Indonesia Foundation. Having expertise in project management and evaluation, Rohni has been leading the Bumiraya’s project monitoring and evaluation services. He has a wide knowledge on monitoring and evaluation methods and tools, and has been practising monitoring and evaluation for more than 15 years. Rohni also has experiences in conducting government program evaluation and strategic planning.

Exwan Novianto

Thematic Expert Leader: Legality and Sustainability Assurance.
Having experience in working on legality and sustainability certification issues, Exwan is leading the sustainability assurance services in Bumiraya Consulting. Exwan was also part of JAVLEC team in implementing activities related to SVLK Facilitation. In Bumiraya Consulting, Exwan is leading a pool of experts who are familiar with different legality and sustainable certification system, such as SVLK, LEI, FSC, ISPO, and RSPO.

Hifdzil Alim, SH., MH.

Thematic Expert Leader: Policy and Social Studies.
Hifdzil is widely known as an anti-corruption activist, since he is a researcher in Pusat Kajian Anti Korupsi (PUKAT Korupsi) of Gadjah Mada University. Hifdzil is actually an expert in state administration law. He conducts policy study and social research supported by a group of young and talented researchers in Bumiraya Consulting. He was also a lecturer in Sunan Kalijaga Islamic State University.

Client And Project


The Asia Foundation

The Program Implementation and outputs of SETAPAK Partners External Evaluation ( February – May 2015 )

Yayasan KEHATI

TFCA – Kalimantan Project Normatif Evaluation 27 Mei – 26 Agustus 2016

PT. Mamberamo Algae

TFCA – Kalimantan Project Normatif Evaluation 27 Mei – 26 Agustus 2016

Yayasan KEHATI

Grant Cycle #1 TFCA Project External Evaluation (Aceh, North Sumatera, Riau), 2014

WWF Indonesia

Assessment Wakatobi’s Fishery and Ecotourism Revenue and Yearly Budget’s Structure of APBN and APBD For Year 2012 – 2013


KPH’s Expansion and Tenure Conflict Lessons Learned (Central Kalimantan, NTB, and Lampung)

Disperindag - DIY

Wooden Industry Certification Facilitation in Special Regency of Jogjakarta

SCBFWM Yogyakarta

Exit strategy mechanism Development of SCBFWM Yogyakarta-Central Java Region


Development of Community Base Forest Management Guidelines Concepts for New Government


Developing of Forestry Course and Education Competence Base

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